Przemysław Ziółek - Triangle


One photo, but it is more than enough to go out for photoshoot.

Przemysław Ziółek - Golden sky

Golden Sky

Nowadays I carry my camera mostly everywhere I go, bit heavy, but worth it. Those pictures taken by "accident". I went to mall for shopping - shopping went badly but who cares.

Przemysław Ziółek - Pink Sky

Pink Sky

Turns out, that sometimes over Kuwait you can see some clouds and then the sky has gorgeous colours.



JPG - just jpg, how? I do not know - photo with a boat rules.

Opera House

Opera House

When you forgot about tripod use a package of cigarettes, a stone and a lighter.

Abandoned city

Abandoned City

Hot October in Kuwait City - during daytime the city looks like abandoned. So far most rewarding photowalk because I took my favorite photo then.

Before sunset

Before Sunset

One of those days when you just walking around trying to find topic for your photos.

Night time

Night Time

If you can't sleep just go out - there is always a small reward waiting for you.


Souq Al Mubarakeya

Finally - some street photography from the oldest souq in Kuwait City.

Weekend dubai

Weekend in Dubai

Dubai Water Canal and Marina - using too small tripod for your camera can sometimes surprise you with the results.