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We were approached by a wonderful man in the city of Zowleń, who heard of the work From The Depths is undertaking with the Matzeva Project and told us of his own incredible personal strory.

His mother at the begining of the War when the entire Jewish cemetery was being destroyed, took two Matzevas back to her home and hid them in the garden, she in her last requests a few years ago asked her son to take care of these Matzevas and one day return them to the cemetery, it was his wish that this happen.

We them visited the area of the Jewish Cemetery, a disused area of land that bares no memorial to the fact that hundreds of Jews are buried there, we are now in discussions with FODZ to create boundaries around the cemetery and a correct memorial, whilst using the Matzevas.

We then went back to the gentleman‘s home where he gave us a box he's been keeping in his attic for years, the box belonged to a local Jew who was taken, most likely to Auschwitz, by the name of Abram Cukierman. If anyone knows anything or is familiar with the family name, please let us know.

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