At the begining of October 2014 , Matzeva Project coordinators received information from the owners of the garden allotment on ROD Żerań in Warsaw. In the area of one of the backyards two unusual gravestones had been found. The Matzevas were carved in the image of the tree, which means that they belonged to the children. The tombstones weighed more than 200 pounds.



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Two tombstones in the garden on Zeran / matzeva.org


To help with the transfer of these two tombstones, Matzeva Project had invited polish strongmans from "Kowalteam" with champion Tomasz Kowal at the helm. On 10th November 2014 they went along with Matzeva Project coordinators into the gardens to move the Matzevas to the Jewish Cemetery on Okopowa street, Warsaw. 


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photo: matzeva.org


The tombstones were moved to the Jewish Cemetery on Okopowa street in Warsaw. Then strongmans were shown around the cemetery. Jonny Daniels told them about hideout located in the cemetery, under the tombstone, which hid five Jews during the war. They spend more than three years, without heating and toilets, feeding only what they found..


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photo: matzeva.org


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