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In the Park of płk. Jana Szypowskiego „Leśnika” in Warsaw, numerous structures were erected in the 50’s, made entirely from Matzeva’s.

We were received openly and kindly by many representatives of the Warsaw Municipality, who were made aware of this serious issue and have been incredibly helpful in pushing forward to remove these Matzeva’s, and return them to where they belong – The Bródno Jewish Cemetery.

We were also able to make 3D documentation with the help of the Archeological Department of the University of Warsaw.


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Park in Praga before the demolition, September 2014 / photo:


Removal of Matzevas from the Park in Praga 


In early October 2014 the demolition of the park in Praga was finally succeeced. All fragments of tombstone will be documented and then transported to the Jewish Cemetery in Bródno, Warsaw.


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