In late October and early November 2014 in Rozprza (łodzkie district) two actions were carried out. There was located prewar Jewish Cemetery. In the first operation, with the help of firemans from the Volunteer Fire Brigade four exceptionally well-preserved gravestones were found and picked up from the ground.  One of the tombstones is a unique discovery because of the preserved original, colorful paintings and stained inscriptions.


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Unique Matzevah found in Jewish Cemetery in Rozprza in October 2014 / photo:


Second action was conducted on 9th November with Matzeva Project coordinators, firemans from Volunteer Fire Brigade and volunteers from Warsaw. Based on pre-war maps cemetery borders were delineated. Matzeva Project placed a commemorating plaque with Hebrew inscription and information about cemetery area. On this action nearly 20 tombstones were found. Many of them were broken - in the result of robbery made in time of war. 


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In the Spring Matzeva Project will build a lapidary consisting of plates which were unearthed at the cemetery. Previously, they will be cleaned and translated. 


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