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Dobrzyń nad Wisłą

Jonny Daniels was welcomed to the city of Dobrzyn Nad Wisla, the town his Great-Grandfather was born in and his entire family were murdered in by the Nazi's in the Holocaust .

The only part of Jewish life remaining in these small towns is often the Jewish Cemetry, as some kind of memory to the fact that Jews once lived here. They gave me matzevas and we went to place there used to be cemetery.

The picturesque view is of the Jewish Cemetry which is being eroded by the Wisla at a rate of meters a year.

The Matsevas (Tomb Stones) were all removed by the Nazi's and used to build the local park.

We walked down to take a closer look and we found bones of our Jewish brothers and sisters lying on the beach.

It was truly horrifing not knowing what to do, Jonny called Rabbi Shudrich ( the Cheif Rabbi of Poland ) and he told Jonny that he should bring the bones to Warsaw to bury them in the Jewish cemetery of Okopowa.

The next day we had the privilege and difficult experience of re-burying the bones in the Jewish Cemetry, Okopowa in Warsaw.

Saying the memorial prayer without knowing a name or even the sex of the deceased is incredibly tough and moving. So much more needs to be done here in Poland, in honor of the close to 3 million of Polish Jews (and 3 million Jews from other nationalities) killed in the Holocaust and the many more millions who's memory was lost forever.

May their memories be blessed and they truly Rest in Peace.

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